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I love watching you get flogged for something out of your control. xD

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crap. me again.

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fuck you give us free speech

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Hope to get set up this weekend with a frontpage of t/all/hot

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Is that going to be a full peer or just a redirect?

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I don’t want it to be just a redirect, it’s probably going to be a render only peer on the same machine still powered by the same indexer with a different default space owner.

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Are you also going to give ownership of it over to someone who actually believes in free speech?

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You are free to make your own instance

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For those following along on a more technical level; this upgrade is a modification of the souls for user comment/submission/thing lists to be deterministic rather than randomly generated by gun.

This allows for stricter validation rules and prevents against potential bugs in adverse network conditions (due to recreation of the node at a different random soul)

Logging in is necessary to make the upgrade happen because your account data is cryptographically signed by your identity and I don't have the keys to do the upgrade for users.

The code that actually manages the upgrade is here:

That code and support for non-deterministic SEA souls in nab's schema will be removed next month.

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Kindly do not take my soul. Thank you.

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And here I thought japanese titles were bad.

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beep beep

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Acknowledged. (lol @downvotes)

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sure whatever

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Interesting. I hope this is better than voat. Does anybody know how to get night-mode RES and stuff working?

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RES isn't gonna work here despite the close appearances to reddit.

For dark mode see:

I'm working on better support for custom themes and CSS; but there are security concerns with that.

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Security or decentralization concerns?

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question, will my login still be safe and will I still be able to get in?

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sure whatever I guess

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-16 Somewhat Important: If you have created a notabug account in 2018 you should log in and post/comment/chat at least once so your account data can be upgraded/migrated for a new format. Otherwise 2018 content will not be visible on your profile pages after 2019/02/11

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Commenting because apparently it is needed.

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