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Perhaps the woman did not want to have sole credit for the achievement, but nonetheless nearly all of the media outlets that reported on the story made out to be that this was all of her own doing, as opposed to what really happened, which was entirely a group endeavor with her only contributing to a part of it. Sure, she may have added a very integral part to it, but most of it was done by several other people.

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yeah this was the plan from the beginning. by the time anyone sees the correction (don't worry, they won't) no one will care.


she may have added a very integral part

she most certainly did not

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thank you for posting this here

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thank you for being a gay white knight

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Because saying anything else in response is career suicide! Think harder

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Coward. Even excluding the non-code data, the % of code written by the lady was a tiny fraction of the total contribution. Not caring about the media's lies doesn't ennoble you, it makes you complicit.

Props to the lady though for actually going on record to say that it was a team effort. She could have pushed back harder but at least she has more balls than this cuck.

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still waiting on a update on what gets censored and what doesn't. Transparency!

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People nowadays are obsessive about identity-politics.

It's lame and boring.